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From Society Divas to Crazy Cat Ladies: “Grey Gardens The Musical” at Trustus Explores Dysfunction Among the Rich and Famous 

"Hallmarks of this production are the excellent voices of the entire cast, especially Bloom and Haley Sprankle...

On opening night, Haley Sprankle's expressions and body language eloquently demonstrated pain, anguish, and heartbreak, especially in the ironic and jarringly discordant song "Daddy's Little Girl," in which she vehemently declares everything that she is not." (This is just a man bragging about his kids.)


Timeless Humor in Finlay Park with "The Merry Wives of Windsor"

"..Excellent sound coverage by area microphones really helps too" (my mention of sorts)

Amusing Reverse Gender “Odd Couple” Proves Workshop Theatre Is Alive and Well at 701 Whaley

"Also amusing as the Costazuela brothers are Rob Sprankle and Tanner McLeod, who manage to get a laugh before ever uttering a line."



Despite Flaws, Town Theatre’s “Sugar” Offers Light Entertainment

Review by .August Krickel.

"Sprankle, an accomplished comic actor, tones his performance down in order to emphasize Joe's humanity. His solo on "It's Always Love" is quite touching, as he unsuccessfully tries to rationalize toying with Sugar's affections..."
  photo by Richard Arthur Kiraly  

Memorable Theatre Moments from 2011 by August Krickel

" Rob Sprankle’s mastery of broad physical comedy, as the vision-challenged Smudge in Forever Plaid: Plaid Tidings at Town Theatre. Drifting aimlessly without his glasses, Sprankle first took a daring plunge off the stage and onto the floor, and that stage has got to be 4-5 feet off the ground at least. Sure it was choreographed, and a big mattress was stashed there in advance, but still a bold move. Hilarity ensued as he later wandered off stage and out into the parking lot, then knocked on an outside door until an audience member let him back in."

Vocal Talent Carries “Forever Plaid: Plaid Tidings” at Town Theatre

"...and Rob Sprankle rounds out the foursome as Smudge, the geeky one, who also gets the occasional chance to wax profound and philosophical. As ...a deep bass singer is always essential, ...Sprankle was an instant audience favorite every time he deftly hit a low note. Sprankle also gets some of the show's best moments of physical comedy,...when he tries to perform without his glasses"

Review by August Krickel.

Town Theatre Fights a Losing Battle In “South Pacific.”

Review by James Harley

"Solid support is offered by Rob Sprankle,
who brings goofy energy to his role as Luther Billis,
the company’s misfit social leader."



photo by Meg Richards

Town Theatre's “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” Aims High But Misses the Mark


"...As for the acting, there are some very strong performances in the show. Rob Sprankle as Caractacus Potts holds the show together and propels it forward nicely with a very nice voice to boot.

...Principals possess perfect articulation and the ensemble’s vocal balance is pleasing, and the small instrumental ensemble creates an amazingly layered sounding score. " by Larry Hembree .


"...The large supporting cast – playing everything from witnesses to presidents – is solid."
Review by Jeffrey Day.


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Town Theatre’s “The King and I” is a solid production top to bottom.

.- "Allison Manley as Anna and Rob Sprankle as the King have chemistry and their timing on the delightful give and take dialogue is perfect. Manley has a strong and expressive voice and she can act and sing with equal aplomb. The King doesn’t have much to sing, but he is a strong presence and Sprankle handles the humor, self-doubt and dignity with the right touch. " 
.Town Theatre’s “Gypsy” needs a defining identity.

Review by James Harley.

.- "One exception is Rob Sprankle as Herbie, Rose’s love interest, who seems a bit dull at first but whose understated charm grows on you rapidly as the show progresses and becomes more outlandish around him."